#35106  by frankielee
a while ago i asked if anyone had the tab for this song...actually i should have asked for the chords...stiil having trouble with reading tabs...I really dig this tune and any help would be greatly appreciated

 #35128  by BlobWeird
If I remember Ill hit it up when I get home from work.

 #35129  by CaptainTrips
Im afraid I cant help you with the tune, Im sure somebody can though, but I'm interested in you saying you have a hard time reading tab? What about it gives you a hard time?

 #35160  by BlobWeird
alright just got home from work and Ill go hit it up right now. Probably wont post them until tonight or tomorrow though so hang in there. And yea as Trips said whats the problem with reading tab? I had to teach a friend just the other day who has been playing for 10+ years! and I just dont get whats the difficulty. Maybe you are just startin out thats one thing but 10 years??! Anyways I mean you just gotta know the bottom line is your low e and the top line is high e. From there read it left to right. Numbers correspond to the frets. 12=double dot and so on. 12/14 means start on 12 and slide into 14. 12b14 start on 12 bend to 14. 12h14 hammer from 12 to 14 and 14p12 start on 14 pull off to 12. Theres more than those (v, br, trill etc.) But those are really the only ones you need to know at this point. Still have trouble with it let me know.

 #35168  by frankielee
8) ...Thanks so much!