#37440  by ssrythm
Bobbyisms for Morning Dew and Peggy-O. Pleeease!
Mooch-us grassy-ass!

 #37441  by BuddhaG
Pretty please... Weir is amazing on Morning Dew (listening to the opener on 6-10-73 right now).

 #37445  by ronster
I request that Pete get a spot with his Videos on the Video page. God knows he deserves it.

 #37448  by tigerstrat
more pedal-steel vids please!

 #37453  by Pete B.
Thanks for that request!
I have a "Dark Hollow" for Pedal Steel inside-a me.
I'll try to break that out as my first Steel vid next week.
Pete B.

 #37454  by razmablues
how to do leads on deal!!! :smile: