#51  by snizzle
on live versions the intro tab woule be a little different

does anyone have accurate live tab?

 #53  by Guyute24
there's also an extra verse the Dead did in the earlier version of TLEO. if anyone knows the tab for the extra verse, that would be awesome, peace, michael


 #63  by Rusty Strings
Snizzle, what exactly are you asking for? Do you want the exact tab for a certain date?

Guyute, I assume you want the lyrics for the extra verse. I'm sure the chords for the extra verse are the same as the rest of the song. For the lyrics, do a google search for '"they love each other" dead lyrics'
 #136  by snizzle
I'm thinking about the tabs, well first off, I'm listening to a 77' version. The tabs I'm most interested in getting are. . .it's hard to explain, but in the very beginning of the song it's like . . .doo da da doo da da doo da da da doo da do do then they strum some chord, then repeat a few times.

:arrow: The next tab is right after the lyric is " They love eachother (tab I'm looking for) lord can't you see that it's true. . .then possibly that next little riff after the chorus!

 #326  by BillyDeLion
A live version of TLEO can be found on Dick's Picks 14 from Boston Music Hall that has a different guitar riff for the intro and inbetween the singing. the whole song has a different feeling than I get from the tabs posted here. If someone has this version and could tab it out, that would be great. thanks.
 #343  by DanK
tab :( grateful dead music is all about improvisation. use the chord changes as a guideline, and take it in your own direction from there. Or if its easier for you try and figure out what key the song is in and improv in that key. just my 2 cents

 #356  by kevin7063
alright alright....i got something for all of you to play around with...its from the dicks picks 14 version....

here ya go.... just play this as much as needed, and follow the rukind tab for the rest


im pretty sure thats what yure lookingo for, jsut play around with it and youll get it right...i like to play just a regular C, not barred, after that part when the time is right...hope this helps out -kevin
 #382  by qiuniu
Hey Now I am a long time user of rukind and first to post here...

I LOVE this song, but I really like those fast '73 versions, anyone gots any ideas on the orginal bridge? I am a thinkin' 'bout 4:00 on DP19.

Though you'll make a noise, just can't hear your voice.
All the dizzy ride on your cold shoulder (not on DP19)

Won't you believe what I say is true?
Everything I did I heard it first from you.

Everything I tell you, I heard it first from you.
Heard your news report, you know you're falling short.
Pretty soon, we'll trust you for the weather.
When that ship comes in, you won't know where it's been.
You got to try to see a little farther.

My personal favorite is 07/31/73.

Thanks for the help in advance.

 #502  by qiuniu
I answered my own question and just wanted to share.
Code: Select all

They Love Each Other		gd73-02-09

 (^) Slide Up  (\) Slide Down  (h) Hammer On  (p) Pull Off  (b) Bend

Merry run around,
Sailin' up and down,
G                            C
Looking for a shot in some direction.
Got it from the top,
It's nothing you can stop,
G                                  C
Lord, you know they made a fire connection.
They love each other.

F            C             G      
Lord you can see that it's true,
F            C             G       
Lord you can see that it's true,
F            C             G      
Lord you can see that it's true.

He could pass his time,
Around some other line
But you know he choose this place beside her.

Don't get in their way,
There's nothing you can say,
Nothing that you need to add or do.
They love each other

Lord you can see that it's true,
Lord you can see that it's true,
Lord you can see that it's true.


Its' nothing, they explain,
It's like a diesel train
You better not be there when it rolls, over,

Though you'll make a noise
They just can't hear your voice
They're on a dizzy ride and you're cold sober
They Love Each Other

Lord you can see that it's true,
Lord you can see that it's true,
Lord you can see that it's true.

Bm                    C
Hope you will believe what I say is true
Em                A                     D      A  D  A  D  A  D
Everything I did, I heard it first from you

Heard your news report
You know you're falling short
Pretty soon won't trust you for the weather

When that ship comes in
You won't know where it's been
You got to try to see a little further 
They Love Each Other

 #1182  by Billbbill

Lick (the one that happens to be in my head anyway)
That its true


Let this be a starting point to experiment from. Don't get hung up on one lick. Here's one with some chromo's I just made up for the same space. The only boundary is when it sounds like crap.

I think I posted the wrong lick. The one I posted was within the chorus. Here's a shot at the end of the chorus lick. Oh well.

I just listened to 5-8-77 which sounds like this.


While listening, got this for after "they ..other"


When I first realized what you were after and then listened, I was surprised that the one I was thinking about wasn't it. I was thinking about the one with the heavy duty hammering from the flat 3rd to the 3rd and back and forth. I'm not sure when that lick popped into jerry. It's similar to the one above except instead of the 3-2-0 pull off on the G it's a quick hammer/pulloff sequence between the 3 & 4 on the G.

I hope this helps.
 #15109  by motto
In the beginning the intro and verse of TLEO had a fast paced G pattern that thumped your head. Listen to 2-9-73 for instance. Here is my take. There are little nuances you can add like muting and percussive elements, but that is hard to write, right? Take it for what it's worth.

g-------------------------| repeat....

Sing the verse before the slide almost exactly accenting the word's syallables on each note. ie Mary (3,3) run (5) around (3,5,5)...then slide.

Later on they did a different, more mellow intro. 5-25-77 is one example I have right in front of me. There are others dates that sound a bit more like the following.



This is similar to an above post. The second half of the first part can be replaced with F7, F#7, and G7 forms anywhere on the fretboard. Sometimes higher notes sound better. The 'u' above the G and C shapes in the second part mean a quick upstroke from high to low strings. The '3~4~~' means continuosly hammer from the 3 to the 4..fast....vibrato style like the post above says.

Again, these are just forms to experiment with. I like that early fast-paced version right now. I wish they would have blasted it like that more!