#54502  by Billbbill

I was playing this recently and finally figured (best as I can anyway) out JG's intro. Love this tune. Tab is on the vid
 #54507  by Billbbill
deadguise wrote:Thanks Bill, is that off the Hundred Year Hall version?
Actually no. I stared out here

http://ia360933.us.archive.org/1/items/ ... 04_vbr.mp3

Then I remembered, "Shit, I have this on dvd on the Copenhagen Tivolis Koncertsal show from 4/17/72". So I reeeeally cheated on this one. Position and all. They're both pretty much the same. Yet I'm still not really sure I got it 100% right.

Well what a ya know - here it is on you tube from my man at gratefulvideo - though the beginning is a bit cut.

 #54508  by Billbbill
I'm starting to thing it's the dominant 7th (g) instead of the the 6th (F) in the last portion. Oh well. And after watching the vid again and listening to the audio I'm not even sure about the beginning - what a cluster !%#$@#$!

I'll tab my thoughts later...
 #54533  by jonarobb
I like. Thanks for the 2 variations with the minor and major third, and dom 7th and 6th. That's Garcia in a nutshell. There are some very cool older versions of this from 69' and 70' with Jerry and Pig singing the verses together.