#54860  by Emoto
I miss the days of my friend's little brother waiting in line all day/night for tix for us in exchange for various things.
 #54861  by Laytonco
Well, I had to come back one more time! I checked the Pepsi Center's seating chart. I'm basically in front of the stage but in the top deck! LOL. I guess that what I deserved for buying the "cheap" $67 tickets!


 #54865  by Maybeck09
It is just unbelievable that these guys can't see this coming. I was f**ked in the waiting room and scared to refresh as it said it would send me back out. Luckily I had several browsers going and a couple of windows and one got through- way past when i had given up. Even the mail order site crashed. I did finally score tix to Charlottesville, and you are right whoever said it. They better put on a hell of a show. No Garcia and like 400 bucks. Will there be cocaine gifts in the seats? Come on. The times, they have a changed!

See you there.
 #54866  by caspersvapors
well fucking great I thought the presale started at noon Pacific time, and now I dont have any tickets...oh well, the shoreline show isnt till may so I got time to buy some somewhere else
 #54869  by FretfulDave
Man, got tix but not on the night I wanted. Had them and tried to verify w/ my buds and wife. No one answers their freakin' phones, etc. So I lost Saturday night in Philly and in that five minutes or so trying to get in touch, they were sold out. Then got in for Friday and did not wait.

300 section. Not quite nosebleed but way, way up there.

The site was pretty quick for me in the "waiting room". Well I hope folks can get there if they desire. Steep prices for us old hippy types.

Especially knowing the Phil and Friends ticket prices. They are generally much cheaper. Not so much for Ratdog, though. Makes one wonder where all that money goes...

I guess we pay a premium to see the "core 4" together.

Peace and hoping for a good show.

Fretful Dave
 #54870  by willmusic
My heart hurts :cry: :cry: :cry:. If anyone out there ends up with extra tix to Charlottesville, please o please let me know. I want it to be my son's first time seeing the boys and now I don't know what to do. I'm gonna try mail order tomorrow and since I have to work on the morning that sales go nationwide, my wife will be exploring our options for that day. It sounds silly but I'm stressing hard over this. Help!
 #54871  by jonarobb
Man that was painful. I ended up getting tickets online for Hartford and Brendan Byrne. The Garden was impossible so I just ran over to the Post Office and did the whole 3x5 index card, SASE thing....

I ended up getting the single Hartford ticket at almost 2:30. I had to keep refreshing the order page with that annoying word verification. What a clusterfuck!

Anyone else coming to the NYC area shows?

**** Plenty of single tickets still available for both nights at Brendan Byrne, just bought 2 more at 3:37PM****

 #54873  by FretfulDave
TJ -

After I lost the four for Saturday night, I tried for 2... no go at any level. Maybe Friday if you go to the site. I was up in 300 level for 4 tix. Very pricey... $ 95.50 + $ 6.50 for who-knows-what and shipping which was $ 12 for 4 tickets.

Good luck. There will always be general sale and from what I read here, the old 3 x 5 card mail order.

Fretful Dave
 #54874  by Tennessee Jedi
Yo Dave
We gonna hook up for some shows man ?
My 1st Dead ticket was $12.00 or something.
How much did you pay for the 1st ticket ?
 #54875  by deadguise
My 1st Dead ticket was $12.00 or something.
I remember paying $6.50, back then the coins were real and the bills didn't say Federal Reserve Note...

I'm having problems ordering too, the site shows tickets available (at Shoreline) but wouldn't let me order 4, something about not enough being available, so I try 2, then 1. Same message. If it's sold out just say so! :?
 #54878  by FretfulDave
Tom Dude -

My first ticket was $ 6.50 for a show that started @ 6:40 and we left @ 12:50. Extra long break, though but about a three hour show. Ah, the good old days.

Deadguise had similar price listed.

defo to hit some shows. Let me know on PM.

If anyone else is going to Philly, let us know (though I don't have an RUKIND shirt). I am there Friday.

Fretful Dave
 #54879  by deadguise
Yep lawn seats at Shoreline have sold out. I can't see paying paying over $400 for reserved seats (for four).
I bet they'll add more shows...