#56769  by See you on tour
 Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:36 pm
this ship of fools tab was transcribed in the key of C maj, but it should be Bflat maj, the F#o7 may be in the correct spot tho because i dont think that the chord writen is really F#o7 i believe its Ao7
 #56781  by tigerstrat
 Wed Feb 18, 2009 7:40 pm
welcome to the board, SYOT, feel free to start a little thread to introduck yourself. Wait, strike that. Introduce yourself.

You are correct, but iirc, the music was originally published in that tuning, in order to use more open chords for beginner and intermediate players. A more "standard" key, at least for rock or folk players.

http://www.jdarks.com/files/shipoffools.html has it in Bb, hth