#2099  by DireWolf420
Does anyone know the tab for this song. i have i half way down, but I know something isnt right.
Thank U

 #6653  by BabyBlue
Not sure how "technically" correct it is but I always played this just like Iko
but in the key of E instead of D. So it's just start on E and switch to B, lather, rinse, repeat.

As far as fill/licks I tend to just add the A note to the E (sus4 I beleive it is) and slide up from
a flat E or B to give it a loose kind of sound. Just about any notes from the major scales of E and B
work pretty well as filler.[/url]

 #6655  by strumminsix
If you are playing it like Iko you are doing a great disservice to the distinct nature of the song.

Women rocks to the next chord 1 beat quicker.

 #6679  by BabyBlue
strumminsix wrote:If you are playing it like Iko you are doing a great disservice to the distinct nature of the song.

Women rocks to the next chord 1 beat quicker.
Well I'm definitely a "play by feel/ear" type and I am the first to admit that I don't always get the more complicated changes to a lot of tunes but for the sake of fun I just fudge it a bit and push through the parts I'm not that good at.

That said I do know how to play Women and the first time I played it the guy I was playing with said "It's just like Iko, except in E". That helped me a lot. Yes, I realized as soon as I was playing it there were subtle differences to pick up on but the analogy to Iko is what got me started. I wasn't trying to say the two songs are played identically. Just that the two chord progression is the same in both songs. Obviously there are differences, the predominant ones being the melody and rhythmically speaking they are different as well. But my point was you don't need a chord chart on rukind to figure the song out. I was basically saying here's the chords, refer to Iko and up the key a step if you forget. The differences come to mind when you actually know the two chords and start strumming it.

I actually have worked out some (IMHO) sweet licks to both songs. But as I said I am by no means a musician and play by ear and hints and chords I pick up on sites like rukind. I don't really know how to describe the subtleties of playing in words, it's just something I do.

So my fault, disregard what I said about Iko. I'll keep my mouth shut next time strumminsix and instead of shooting down my post you can tell us how you play Women.

 #6690  by strumminsix
BabyBlue, my comment wasn't written in a negative way at all. It was really just said more matter of fact.

My utmost concern was for someone learning the song and helping to ensure they learn it properly vs. learning it improperly and needing to unlearn and relearn.

 #6691  by BabyBlue
strumminsix - Then let me please apologize for my hasty reply. My post was the first I've made to this forum and I took your reply the wrong way.

I've been playing guitar for over ten years now and yet I am still mostly clueless when it comes to musical notation in general. I am really hesitant to post because of this so I got defensive much too quickly.

Again, sorry.

And for the record, you're absolutely right. After I finished my original post I thought, maybe I should of mentioned something about the rythm differences and how the emphasis on the change from E to B is really what makes the song. But, again, I'm just not very good at putting these things into words.

For what it's worth I will surf the forums some more and see if I can pick up on the right terminology to use to express myself better next time...

 #6694  by Billbbill
A while back I was goofin around and sort of stumbled on Bob's intro - or at least a representation there of. Here's the first bit. I barre the a & d at the 2nd fret with my index finger for the E chord. I barre at the 7th for the B.

I am also able to get both the a & d string on the 9th fret with just my ring finger which makes this vamp a little easier I think. If you can't get that going you may be able to cheat by hitting the 9 on the A with your ring finger as close to the d string as you can and"flatten" it a bit to voice the 9 on the D when it counts. This free's up your pinky for the 11 on the A. Of course you could just forget about the D string until you "need" to voice the 9 on the D.

When you request tab, this came to mind.

OK I've blabbered enough about a relatively insignificant deal, so I'm done.





Note: Of course, if your hands are big enough you can play the B barring at the 2nd fret. Then the above would apply for the G, D and A strings at the 2nd, 4th, and 6th frets.
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 #133319  by seamones
strumminsix wrote:If you are playing it like Iko you are doing a great disservice to the distinct nature of the song.

Women rocks to the next chord 1 beat quicker.
I keep thinking I have the timing down to this, but have gone back and forth so many times that I am now totally lost. So just how do you count it? Thanks!