#9734  by GratefulFloyd
i'm not too good with scales yet, anybody willing to tab out a minor scale that sounds good with Spanish Jam? if so, thanks a ton, appreciate it

 #9737  by caspersvapors
squire758 wrote:yea that would be an A major scale
its A Aeolian aka C Major

although Im not sure if jerry really used that

 #9745  by wisedyes
A Harmonic minor :

E - 5 - 7-8
A - 5 - 7-8
D - - 6-7
G 4-5 - 7
B - 5-6
e 4-5 - 7-8

That's just one position, natch, with the A on the 6th string serving as the root. Here it is with the A on the 5th string as the root ( 12th fret ):

E - 12-13
A 11-12 - 14-15
D - 12 - 14-15
G - - 13-14
B - 12-13 - 15
e - 12-13 - 16-17

So, the trick to using this scale is usually to think of it as an altered dominant 7 scale ( or cool substitute for mixolydian mode ). It all has to do with the scale harmonization-

i - min/Maj7
ii - min7b5
III - Maj7#5
iv - min7
V - dominant7
IV - Maj7
iiv - dim7

So, as the V chord is a dominant 7 ( in the key of A, that would be E7 ), this is why it works. And using it over a Major chord ( A harmonic minor- or think E7- over E Major ) makes it sound very Spanish.

Also, sounds great over the turnaround ( bars 9 & 10 ) of a jazz blues, AND over the famous "Stairway to Heaven " progression ( or, for us deadheads, the bridge to Missippis Half Step - play A minor, A harmonic minor, A dorian, and then A minor over the descending A minor chord variations ). Also, if you want to sound like Yngwie J. malmsteen, learn this scale REALLY fast and LOUD.

 #9748  by GratefulFloyd
hey thanks a ton man

 #9756  by wisedyes
Don't mention it, glad to be of some help. Unleash the Yngwie!
 #104952  by erubenst
You can also think of that scale as

"Spanish Gypsy Scale" : 1,b2,3,4,5,b6,b7

Play it in E -which fits with the chord progression of the Spanish Jam rooted around an E chord, The notes of that scale, in E: E, F, G#, A, B, C, D