#6443  by strumminsix
 Sat Jun 17, 2006 1:14 pm
Here is what I have. I'll work on the chorus later.

The fingering is noted in parens (1=forefinger, 4=pinky)

Have fun.

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     Bsus2      Bm         G/B         E7/B 
E ----------------------------------------------- 
B ---7--(2)-----7--(2)-----8--(3)-----9--(4)-----
G ---6--(1)-----7--(1)-----7--(1)-----7--(1)-----
D ---9--(4)-----9--(4)-----9--(4)-----9--(3)-----
A -----------------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------------

Or stretch out and try this:

    Bsus2       Bm         G/B         E7/B 
E ----------------------------------------------- 
B ---7--(2)-----7--(2)-----8--(2)-----9--(4)-----
G ---6--(1)-----7--(1)-----7--(1)-----7--(1)-----
D ---9--(3)-----9--(3)-----9--(3)-----9--(3)-----
A -----------------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------------


    Esus4     E+5        E5        E6        (alt E6, if you can)
E ---------------------------------9---(1)-------------- 
B --10--(2)---11--(3)---12--(4)----x----------14--(4)---
G ---9--(1)----9--(1)----9--(1)----9---(1)-----9--(1)---
D ---9--(1)----9--(1)----9--(1)----9---(1)-----9--(1)---
A ------------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------------

PS - I say the verses are not in B5 in the powerchord way.

I'd suggest either a Bsus2 or maybe a B5 shapped like this:

E --7--
B --7--
G --4--
D --4--
A --x--
E --x--

To my ears it's not so important to only play the B & E ( 1 & 5) but to really avoid the D# (3) and including the C# (2) it still sounds great.

Have fun!

 #6444  by shakedown_04092
 Sat Jun 17, 2006 2:03 pm
Nice, strumminsix; I've been waiting for someone to post this one for a while, so thanks.

Here's what I had been working on so far:
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I had been playing the B5 like this:

E --x--     E --2--
B --x--     B --2--
G --x-- or  G --4--
D --9--     D --4--
A --9--     A --2--
E --7--     E --x--

And then doing that signature riff that Jerry does in between the B5 like this:

E ---------------|     E -------2-1-----|
B -------7-6-----|     B -----3-----2---|
G -----7-----6---|     G ---4-----------|
D ---9-----------| or  D ---------------|
A ---------------|     A ---------------|
E ---------------|     E ---------------|

I learned it in 2 different positions at first to see which one sounded better, but I usually play the B5 & the lick down on the 2nd/4th frets.  I like the feel of it better there, and it leads nicely into the walk-up that I was doing:


     Bsus2   Bm      G/B     E7/B 
E ---2-------2-------2-------3-------
B ---2-------3-------2-------2------- 
G ---4-------4-------3-------3------- 
D ---2-------4----------------------- 
A ---2-------2-----------------------
E -----------------------------------


     Esus4   E+5     E5      E6     C
E ---5-------6-------7-------9------8-------
B ---5-------5-------5-------x------8-------
G ---4-------4-------4-------9------9------- 
D ---------------------------9------10------
A ------------------------------------------ 
E ------------------------------------------

They're actually pretty close interpretations, looking at the notes.

PS - to you or anyone else:

You haven't figured out what VW was doing for that intro lick, have you?  What I'm referring to is the lick he does over the B5 chord that leads right into Jerry's lick...I have been trying to figure it out on guitar and am having a rough time of it.

PSS - how do you play this part?:

Verse 2:
A9      | A/G# |
These are the horns of the dilemma,
A       | A/G# |
What truth this proof against all lies?
B/A     Asus2   | Am F/A |
When sacred fails before profane,
D       Csus2   | A5    Go |
The wisest man is deemed insane.
C5      | C     | E5 | E5 ||
Even the purest of romantics compromise.

Thanks again; nice work.