#107735  by ebick
 Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:10 pm
I am not talking about watching recorded videos of how to play this or that, I am talking about actual lessons from whereever you are.....

I have the pleasure of knowing an individual who has the following qualifications:

1) He is a working musician
2) He has an incredible grasp of theory and a great approach to teaching
3) He can teach to all skill levels
4) He can teach Jerry-isms, but is not inclined to stay limited to that
5) He is just a really good dude

I live in Orlando and he lives in Atlanta. I REALLY wanted to take lessons from him so we got him a web cam, and using that and Skype, we have weekly lessons. It has been working out great. He is ready to expand upon this idea and take on more students. Certainly, if you are interested but unsure, it's (at this point) pay as you go (through PayPal), so you can do one lesson and then say no thanks.....no commitment beyond what you want or need.

If this sounds interesting to you, please PM me and I will hook you up.