#148393  by elroy2288
Dwarf Rat wrote:Back in the early 70s, high school bands were playing a lot of Creedence. My band played the Dead, Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Taj Mahal, and originals. We were 16 and thought we were pretty sharp.

Now there is a Dead tribute/ cover/ uncover band in cities large, medium, and small across the US. Last December, there were 14 different Dead influenced bands playing at Don Quixotes in Felton, California.

Time to move on.

Write your own tunes. Let Jerry rest in peace.
After Jerry died and there were no signs of the Other Ones, the tribute bands were the only way to hear my favorite music being played live. I'm thankful for each and every one of them. If they can write their own tunes and want to use our ears to test material, that's cool. If they're going to do covers any way, why not play GD music?

To the point about moving on and letting Jerry rest in peace, I've read countless times that Jerry wanted to protect traditional American songs and see that his band's music became timeless. So far, so good.

Regarding Zach, he's 26 and, like everyone, is learning as he goes. :smile:
 #148394  by aiq
I recently contributed money and a CP tie dye (auction) to a friend who is a great musician and producer who is facing serious health issues and lost his income after the roof of his successful studio fell in.

I buy my own guitars.
 #148417  by Dwarf Rat
My son and his band did a modest kickstart of $1500 to press a vinyl LP of Afro funk jazz influenced by Mile Davis and Fela Kuti. It was reasonable. At 25, he played the beat up set of Pearrl export drums I bought him when he was 16.

He needs a new set. I offered him a chance for me to buy him a new one.

"No thanks Dad, I want to do this on my own."

There lies the difference between my kid and someone else's.

By the way, he and I went to four of the five GD shows this summer. Together we have seen Cubensis, DSO, Further, and what's left of the Dead.

I have opened my home to friends down on their luck. They slept on the couch and paid me with yard work, painting, electrical work, and clean up. They never asked for money.
 #148435  by Staemius
We've all asked for help along the way - lessons, tips, gear, gigs, etc.. Those that want to help in any way shape or form are appreciated. It's extravagant when many other lesser guitars may play better - but if folks want to throw money his way so be it - I hope it's his last guitar and it makes him the player he wants to be.
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Well I saw that tiger in action last night. That guy can play the guitar very well. Very down to earth and appreciative of the fans. Shares his secrets.