#172558  by Sérgio
Howdy, fellows!

I am having a hard time trying to use major and minor pentatonics to solo over Dead songs, even those over which Jerry himself used those scales, especially in the early 70s.

Could someone be kind enough as to point me some Dead oriented exercises and licks to help me unlocking my pentatonics?
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 #173707  by strumminsix
Think JG relying on pentatonics was minimal but a tool in his bag.

Even Morning Dew he could have used a G maj pentatonic of D mixo pentatonic but he used a lot of other notes in the scale in between.

Plus the C modulation for the back half of the verses.
 #173708  by lbpesq
The Dead played a 3-night run at Winterland in February of ‘74, and a 5-night run in October that year. As best as I can recall, there were some outstanding shows in there, though I wasn’t always at my most coherent. But I sure do remember The Wall!

Bill, tgo