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I've been listening to the Dead since 2003. I was in high school and a friend of mine had an extra ticket to see The Other Ones at the All State Arena, in Rosemont, IL. I went along, not knowing what to expect and I had an incredible time.

The music and the atmosphere were unlike anything I had experienced before. It felt like a warm blanket, and ever since then I seek that comfortable feeling. Listening in my car as I drive to work, or in the forest as I walk my dog. Nothing does it for me like the Dead.

I sing and play guitar. Lately, I've been playing three-four song sets at a few Open Mic nights in the Chicago suburbs.

Garcia's music and Hunter's lyrics always keep me digging for more. I frequently am on David Dodd's, 'The annotated Grateful Dead lyrics' site trying to learn more. Having been born in the mid-80's there's a lot to uncover for me to get a full understanding of the meaning or intention of some songs. It's unfortunate that I never got to see Garcia play, but I'm happy to be on this site to learn more about him and his techniques as well as learning more about the greatest band to have ever roamed the land.
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Well Howdy BIB, and welcome to the forum. Always nice to have another head on the bus!

Bill, tgo