#173948  by Jon S.
I love how those Kramers look and sound. But after actually picking several of them up, I decided I can't afford the associated chiropractic treatments! :P
 #173950  by Darkstar860
haha ! Yeah this Kramer is 10.6 lbs. My Bean is 11.3 lbs haha. My Wolf guitars are all around 10 lbs ish. I own a lot of heavy guitars. Not good for my back, but if a guitar doesnt have weight to it i can get comfortable with it. Ive had some nice guitars in my time, but they were too light.

Decisions on that Kramer... hmmm.... do i pull the trigger or not... I may buy it for a friend for Xmas actually. I have the Bean and im happy, but this is rare to find one of these for $1200 in mint condition, all original and with case. My buddy would be wicked happy. I think thats what ill do.

 #173951  by broesau
Didn't Kramer & Bean have some sort of professional relationship that led to these brands of guitar? I love the Bean, but the Kramer neck with the strips of wood looks very cool. If I remember those came with Dimarzios too.
 #173954  by lbpesq
Kramer worked at Travis Bean. He then started his own company. His design was a response to some complaints that the neck on the Beans never warmed up. I played with a guy many years ago who used to complain that his Bean’s neck stayed cold when we played outdoors. The wood inserts were Kramer’s remedy. The most notable difference, though, is the length of the neck. Kramer uses a fairly standard bolt-on design, while the Bean neck has a long tenon that continues 2/3 of the way through the body with the pickups mounted in the tenon.

Bill, tgo
 #174097  by Darkstar860

Few pics of my Beans first show (from the Hungry Tiger last night). My buddy Luke from the band Positive Mental Trip named the guitar for me. Mr. Bean. :-) Fitting lol
 #174101  by Darkstar860
^ haha. I dont own a pair of NON bell bottoms. Im a flash from a past arnt i ? ;-)