#81  by LazyLightnin
i have been having trouble w/ this one. all the other dead songs were smooth and easy to learn now im stuck here!!! there are some weird chords in this one i cant figure out! @$#%&(^%#@ !!!! any1got help? my screen name is also lazylightin if thats confusin any1. lol.

- LazyLightnin

 #38376  by myoung6923
So, I've been working on Lazy Lightning and me and another guy have a debate going on over a couple of parts - I'd appreciate any input that you guys have on this.

Here's where our differences lie...

For the verse parts - this is what I'm hearing:
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|| C / /.  Em / /. |Gm7  C7. Am  / / /. | F7 /.  C / / /. | G / / / / / / :||
the other guy says it goes like:
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|| C / /.  Em / /. |F  Dm. Am  / / /. | F7 /.  C / / /. | G / / / / / / :||
Then after the break:
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Rope of Fire (ever tightning) Rope of Fire (I'm a heightning)
|Em /.  C / / /. |G /. F / / C. |Am / / / / / / |    
The last difference of opinion is during supplication - The jam seems to me to be over D7 in a mixolydian mode - I've been told that it's Dm switching to D just before the words come back in. I don't hear a minor here at all.

Then during the vocal part of supplication it sounds to me like D7 - Fmaj7

I haven't been able to find any videos hat really clearly show these parts - if anyone knows of any please let me know.

Thanks for any help,

 #38378  by Scott Bardolf
This one is a bitch. . Hardest song for me to perform. Check out video page at www.halfstepgd.com (Download Lazy Lightning) That might help alittle. It's in 7/4 so it's tricky.
Supplication is the D>Fmaj7 I throw the D7 in there too.

 #38404  by Pete B.
'Love your "Halfstep" logo!
Nice Vids, too.

Never tackled this one before...
Just realized it's in 7/4 myself.


 #38405  by myoung6923
yeah - I finally got around to tackling this one myself. It's really not as bad as I thought. I'm just trying to iron out some differences of opinion.

It's sounding great though & I'm lovin it!

 #38406  by strumminsix
Mike posted this on gearheads and this was my reply:

For the first part

|| C / /. Em / /. |Gm7 C7. Am / / /. | F7 /. C / / /. | Em Em7 G / / / :||

After the break:
Bm / / / / C / | G / / F / / Em | Am / / / / / /| (hmm, can't seperate beat from strumming patter, sorry)

Then towards the end I hear it alternating between D7 Am & D7 Fmaj7

If you shape the Fmaj7 with a barre off the 5th fret the diff between tha Am and Fmaj7 is just sharpening one note and adds TONS to the feel!

 #38454  by deadguise
Check out this guy's solo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgqnfmzD6Ls I think his guitar is tuned differently though.

And here's a hack tab job that I did with a program that I do not really know how to use. All you experts please rip away, I need some improvement. Isn't the song in 7/8?


 #38718  by tigerstrat
I'd say what you both have here is correct for the verse, except I hear the "Gm7" as a Gm9:
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|| C / /.  Em / /. |Gm9  C7. Am  / / /. | F7 /.  C / / /. | G / / / / / / :||
and then Strummin's bridge is closer,
Code: Select all
Bm / / / / C / | G / / F / / Em | Am / / / / / /| 
but it sounds to me like it would be more correct if you simply switch the C with the Em thusly:
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Bm / / / / Em / | G / / F / / C | Am / / / / / /| 

 #38775  by Scott Bardolf
Oops, I meant 7/8.

 #46956  by mttourpro
We're gonna try this one so I looked at what was on this site for chords and also in the forum. What's on the guitar tab page is

Last Updated 02/16/97

General Rules On Chord Charts


C Em Gm7-C-Am
Lazy lightnin', sleepy fire in your eyes,
F7 C
Is that desire in disguise?
Em F E D (walks down to next C)
I keep on tryin’ but I, I can’t get through

C Em Gm7-C-Am
Lazy lightnin', I’d like to find the proper potion
F7 C
To kinda capture your emotion
G F E D (walKs down to Am)
You’re right beside me but I, I can’t get through

You’re a loop of Lazy lightnin',

Just a loop of Lazy lightnin',

Must admit you’re kinda frightening,

But you really get me high. (D sus 9)

Phil> intro>

Frozen lightnin', when I hear your velvet thunder
You seem so near I start to wonder
Would you come closer if I, if I asked you to?

So inviting, well, you’re messin’ with my reason
It’s an obsession but it’s pleasin’
Tell me your lie and I will swear, I’ll swear it’s true

You’re a loop of Lazy lightnin',
Just a loop of Lazy lightnin',
Must admit you’re kinda frightening,
Loop a loop of Lazy lightnin',
Rope of fire ‘round my heart (lightnin')
Rope of fire ever (tightening)
Rope of fire ‘round my heart

Come on, come on, lazy lightnin'Em-C-G-F-C-Am

guitar solo over SECOND half of verse with GFED walk down, back to another verse

You’re a loop of Lazy lightnin', Whooo etc>Supplication

After a few more listenings, this is what I've settled on. I may have the arrangement a little goofed as I'm at work...MT
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 #46958  by myoung6923
I don't know - the way I do it sounds the most right to me - it may not be exact - but close.

Here's a version of us doing it - see what you think: http://www.fennario.us/audio/5-10-08/2- ... cation.mp3

 #46967  by pappypgh
i think TS has it right. That first F7 in the verse is definitely and F7, not an Fmaj7 as some have it. It's a bluesy feel going back to that C, not a really major feel, IMO.

As far as the Em or Gm stuff goes...we'll just have to play w/ it & figure it out!!


 #46985  by mttourpro
First off--thanks to those who replied.

Second--MYoung---you're version sounded great. I liked your band's site too--you guys sound pretty darn good.

Third--It's still not a question of F7 or Fmajor7 as much as the G minor...TS's version is not an F7 (Pappy)--it's a G minor9--big difference.

Fourth--TJ thanks for the tab, but that mightaswell be hieroglyphs for me anyhow! Maybe pappy can read it..

Fifth--one reason I think it's G instead of an E minor is that there's a walk-down on some versions---G works better...although, I swear I listened to 2 versions (6/3 and 6/11) within 8 days time and the GD did it differently in both!

I'm still curious as to why the guitar tab posted in 97 is different from what most of you all are saying on this thread...
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